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2002-03 Champions
2002-03 Special Mention
TAMUDO in the Spain Squad!
Alicante - R.C.D. Espanyol 1-0
2002 Pre-season
Ciutat de Barcelona: Espanyol - Chievo 0-07
Recreativo - Espanyol 2-1
Sevilla - Espanyol 3-0
Sergio is a winner in "Deport
Cristóbal and POCHETINO in PSG
Departure of Juande

VÍCTOR Moya Serrano Und-12 World Champion!
Daniel JARQUE González
Ferrán COROMINAS Telechea
Juan-Carlos CEBALLOS Pinto
Und-19 European Champions!
JONATHAN Soriano Casas
Gabriel Ribas Ródenas
Miquel ROBUSTÉ Colomer
Francisco Javier CHICA Torres
¡Campions de la Copa Meridian!, España Sub-18
Competició entre Europa y Àfrica, Egipte

PORTER MENYS GOLEJAT: BIEL un únic gol encaixat

The 2002-03 Special mention
TAMUDO in the Spain Squad! and ... SERGIO!
He scored the Spanish goal!
TAMUDO and SERGIO played together again in the Spain squad!



Costa d'en Marfil

Gabriel Ribas
Juan-Carlos CEBALLOS

España Sub-20 i Sub-19
España Sub-20 i Sub-19
España Sub-19
España Sub-19 i Sub-18
España Sub-19

Miquel ROBUSTÉ              España Sub-18
Francisco Javier CHICA  España Sub-18

Guillermo BORJA            España Sub-17
Sergio SÁNCHEZ             España Sub-17
Esteve MATAMALA   España Sub-16
Rubén CANELADA    España Sub-16
Marc PEDRAZA          España Sub-16
Víctor MOYA                     España Sub-12

Sergio said good bye
Good bye Sergio. What a pity!

Congratulations for the champion!
2002 Royal Cup Champion!
2002 Super-Champion!
SERGIO is a true crack!
Love from your fans forever!
After the defeat in the cup
What can we say?

We have got off to a bad start.
We could see the home grown player Manolo Pérez!
The starting line up: Argensó
Xavi (Jarque 22')(Oscar 70'), Lopo, Soldevilla, Amaya
Posse, Alex, Boghossian (Fredson 46'), Maxi
Tamudo and Milosevic
Goals: 1-0 Garitano 77'.

R.C.D. Espanyol - Chievo 0-0
The "Ciutat de Barcelona" for the CHIEVO
If you want more information about this squad you can visit its web http://www.chievoverona.it/.

Trofeo Colombino: Recre-Espanyol 2-1
At least the team played better!

JUANDE at least has the consolation that his side played better football!
The starting line up: Argensó
Xavier Roca, Ricardo (Fran, m.64)
Domoraud, Soldevilla (Lopo, m.64)
Oscar (Martí Posse, m.64), Boghossian
Maxi, Roger
Tamudo y Milosevic.
1-0 Oscar Arpón 38' from the penalty spot
2-0 Raúl Molina 54'
2-1 Martín POSSE 86'.
We could see the home grown player JOSÉ MARI!
I hardly remember last win!
The starting line up: Maninger
Morales (Fran 75'), Ricardo
Lopo, Catalá
Alex (Roger 83') , Fredson
Velamazán (Xavi Roca, m.75), Luque (Maxi 46')
POSSE (Tamudo 46') y Crusat.
Goals: 1-0 Moisés 11'
2-0 Moisés 75'
3-0 Redondo 84'.
Date Team Result Goals
27-ago-2002 Terrassa 1 -1 Posse
24-ago-2002 Chievo 0 -0
22-ago-2002 Figueres 1 -1 Jonathan
20-ago-2002 Lleida 0 - 2 Toni Velamazán y Luque
16-ago-2002 Sevilla 3 - 0
14-ago-2002 Recreativo 2 - 1 Posse
9-ago-2002 Nastic 2 - 1 Luque
7-ago-2002 PANATHINAIKOS 2 - 1 Soldevilla
5-ago-2002 OFI CRETA 2 - 3 Jonathan, Maxi Rodríguez (2)
31-jul-2002 Girona
Sporting Lisboa
0 - 1
0 - 1
7-jul-2002 Peralada 0 - 4 Roger (2), Milosevic y Alex
24-jul-2002 Palafrugell 2 - 0
Goals Player
3 Jonathan y Luque
2 Maxi Rodríguez, Martín Posse y Roger
1 Toni Velamazán, Milosevic, Alex y Soldevilla

Cristóbal and POCHETINO
They are winning in the Paris Saint Germain Squad!

Cristóbal and Pochetino play in the Paris Saint Germain Squad where they are fixed in the starting lines up. POCHETINO also are play in the Argentinian Squad whose manager is Marcelo BIELSA.
     POCHETINO: First Soldevilla was, after Lopo, Macanás,  Català,Pedro NIETO, Gerard, Jarque, Robusté, Carlos GARCÍA,  ... what a good school! I'm sure they learned very much from you.

Second Division Friends
PACHETA, Francisco, ...
PACHETA: he is the leader in Numancia!
Do you remember Camacho shouting PACHEETAAA!

Francisco now in Extremadura
Second Division B, Group 4

Departure of Juande
The worst starting in the last seasons!
What a pity!

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