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The Junior B Squad

This page is dedicated to the
R.C.D. Espanyol Infantile squads,
the players are 14 or 13 years old
and most of the players are home-grown.

2002-03 Page index
Infantile A
2002-03 Squad
League Table
The Technical Staff
Match Reports
Arrivals and Departures

Infantile B
2002-03 Squad
League Table
The Technical Staff
Match Reports
Arrivals and Departures

Olé, Olé The 2002-03 Infantile A
The 1989-Players
Champions, Champions, Ole, Ole, Ole!
Olé, Olé
The 1989-Promotion success
The 2002-03 squad success
Catalonian League, Gold Division
The National Royal Cup Champion!!!
The Catalonian Cup Champion!!
I Sánchez-Llibre Memorial Champions
II Joan Babot International Champions
2002 Gènova International Champions, ...

This season they have won all the matches!

The 2003-Eurodisney SUPERCHAMPIONS!
The 2002-03 Infantile A
You have a very good supporters
and with these parents and this technical staff ...

we only can ask ...

how many players 
are going to the first squad?

Only ... how many?

because we are sure that
more than one will arrive!
Please, look at the picture!
The player's parents and the technical staff organized an special celebration
for for this unbeaten champions, they prepare these T-shirt where you can read

Campions de Lliga 2002-2003 Infantil ¨A¨
2002-2003 Infantile League Champions

The captain's brother Pol Savall
took the picture
and the Second Trainer Raul PELÁEZ
put his camera

Thank you very much for send us this picture and the information!

2002-03 Catalonien Infantile Cup


Infantile A, League Table
Catalonian League, Gold Division
You are the 2003 League Champions
Champions, Champions, Ole, Ole, Oleee!
2002-03 Infantile National Division League!
The unbeaten Champion!, No match lost!
Now they are going to get the Catalonian Cup
Here you have the final League table,
as you can see the team won all the matches,
and the same happened last season!
Club  J  G  E  P GF GC Pts
R.C.D. Espanyol B 30 30 0 0 136 5 90
BARCELONA 30 27 1 2 152 11 82
Ferran Martorell B 30 18 4 8 69 46 58
Jàbac Can Jofresa 30 14 5 11 52 50 47
Gramanet 30 12 9 9 43 37 45
Veterans Cambrils 30 12 7 11 57 69 43
L'Hospitalet 30 11 9 10 51 49 42
Cornellà 30 11 7 12 51 65 40
Mercantil 30 11 6 13 37 36 39
Sant Gabriel 30 10 9 11 37 37 39
Sant Gabriel 30 10 6 14 50 67 36
Damm 30 8 10 12 36 45 34
Girona 30 10 4 16 39 57 34
At. Segre 30 6 10 14 33 68 28
Lleida 30 3 5 22 21 98 14
Bordeta 30 0 2 28 10 134 2
The squads Espanyol, Barcelona, Ferrán Martorell and Jàbac Can Jofresa will play the Catalonian Cup.
And the squads Girona, At. Segre, Lleida and Bordeta lost the category.

Infantile A, Catalonian League Champioship
2005-06 Season, Gold Division Matches and Results
Remember previous season: 2001-02

Olé, Olé Gramanet - Infantile A 0-2
They are an UNBEATEN Champion!
Two seasons getting the championship unbeated! 2001-02 and 2002-03 unbeated League Champions!

Olé, Olé Infantile A - At. Segre 7-0
They scored seven goals and no one received!
They played very well!

Olé, Olé Bordeta Lleida - Infantile A 0-3

Champions, Champions, Oe, Oe, OEEE!
Goals from Edu, Guillem and Luis

Olé, Olé Infantile A - Sant Gabriel 2-0
They only need another win to get the championship
Goals from Guillem and Javi RUEDA
The starting line up: Juan
Shiam, Guille, Mario, Didac
Javi Rueda, Guillem CREUS, Cristian Alfonso, Jordi
Walter and Edu
Team changes: Cristhian García, Uri, Fuentes, Omar and Luis.
1-0 Guillem 16'

2-0 Javi Rueda 55'
XAVI SOLE va marcar el quint gol!

Granollers - Infantile A 1-6
They only need to win two matches more and ...

Infantile A - Cornellà 9-0
They have scored 116 goals and
they have only received 4 goals!
Goals from Guillem (3), Walter (2), Cristian Alfonso, Guille, Javi Rueda and Luis!
The starting line up: Juan
Shiam, Guille, Mario, Uri
Fuentes, Guillem CREUS
Javi, Luis, Walter y Edu
Team changes: Cristhian García, Adrià, Dídac, Cristian Alfonso and Jordi
Goals: Guillem (3), Walter (2), Cristian Alfonso, Guille, Javi Rueda and Luis

UE Lleida - Infantile A 1-4
Excellent League Championship!
Goals from Walter, Guille (2) and Guillem!
The starting line up: Adrià
Shiam, Guille, Cristhian
Oriol, Fuentes
Guillem CREUS, Javi, Luis, Walter and Edu
Team changes: Ferrán, Juan, Dídac, Cristian Alfonso, Omar and Jordi
0-1 Walter
0-2 Guille

1-3 Guillem CREUS 15'
1-4 Guille

Infantile A - Damm C.F. 5-0
Although many players caught flu
the players get a new win!
Goals from Guillem, Einard (2), Javi Rueda and Eduard!
A very good match!
GUILLEM opened the scoring in the fifteen minute, the captain EINARD got two goals before the half tiem.
Fifteen minutes into the second half JAVI RUEDA with a free kick got the fourth goal that you can see in the next picture.
The last goal came when a long shot from GUILLEM CREUS struck the foot of the post and EDUARD hit an unstoppable low shot.
You can see in the next picture.
The starting line up: JUAN Valenzuela
Joel, Eduard, Cristhian
Mario, Fuentes
Guillem CREUS, Einard, Jordi, Javi and Walter
Team changes: Ferrán and Lluis
1-0 Guillem CREUS 15'
2-0 Einard 25'
3-0 Einard 35'
4-0 Javi Rueda 60'
5-0 Eduard 70'
23 matches and ... 23 wins!

Special supporters
Do you want to see two special supporters?
They are very good fans!
They are candidates to the Pedrera!
he plays in Europa
he plays in Caldas
they have a brother in the squad!
Which ones?

2002 Gènova Championship
Champion our Infantile A

They were the 2001 Champions also!
The team won the classification group
with a global result of
35 goals scored and no one received.
The mixtures and results were
Gènova - Espanyol 0 - 3
Cogoletto - Espanyol 0 - 9
Quarta Alto - Espanyol 0 - 15
Lagracio - Espanyol 0 - 8

II International Joan Babot Championship
Champion our R.C.D. Espanyol Infantile A
The supporters' club group
"Penya Blanc-i-blava de Sant Joan Despí"
organize each year the
International Joan Babot Championship
for infantile squads
The teams invited for this edition were:
- RCD Espanyol
- Real Madrid C.F.,
- F.C. Barcelona and
- A team with players chosen among local squads.
Champion: R.C.D. Espanyol!!!
The final was:
Espanyol - R. Madrid 5-0

Planter del Infantil A
2004-05 Season, 1992-Players
The players in the squad are the following:
Alias Full name Position was born Origin
JUAN JUAN Valenzuela Alcalde Porter 26-6-1989
UA Gramanet
ADRIÀ ADRIÀ Caballero Latorre Porter 18/03/1989 Jul-2001
PBoet Mataró
GUILLEM Savall GUILLEM Savall Perera Defensa 26/06/1989
At. Masnou
DÍDAC DÍDAC Vila Roselló Defensa 09/06/1989
Mataró (Barcelona)
CE Mataró
FERRI FERRÁN López Catena Defensa 18-2-1989
Sabadell (Barcelona)
CE Mercantil
URI ORIOL Ricarte Iniesta Defensa 3-2-1989
UA Gramanet
MARIO MARIO Vicens Manzanares Defensa 10-4-1989
Ferran Martorell
JOEL JOEL Marín Alvarez Defensa 13/09/1989 Aleví B
SHYAM SHYAM Castillo Vico Defensa 26/02/1989 Aleví B
Guillem CREUS Guillem CREUS Pascal Mitj 11/01/1989
EF Llavaneras
EINARD EINARD Torrents Mascaro Mitj 08/02/1989
At. Vilafranca
EDU EDUARD Escuchas Abajo Mitj 3/2/1989
JAVI JAVIer Rueda Pinteño Mitj 18/2/1989
CE Granollers
CRISTIAN CRISTIAN García Martínez Mitj 26/06/1989 Aleví B
Dani FUENTES Daniel FUENTES González Mitj 11/05/1988 Aleví B
WALTER WALTER Fernández Balufo Mitj 14/08/1988 Aleví B
JORDI Mazcaray JORDI Mazcaray Calderer Davanter 03/01/1989
CE Europa
LUIS LUIS ENRIQUE Herrera Davanter 13-7-1989
Vet. Granada
OMAR OMAR Monterde Villaescusa Davanter   Jul-2002

The Technical Staff
2002-03 Season
Dates of Infantile A
- Trainer: Oscar PERARNAU Figueras
- Second Trainer: Raúl Peláez Blanco
- Delegate: Rafa Alba Segura
- Masseur: Antonio González Lozano
- Stadium:
  - Capacity:
  - Dimensions:

Sports City of R.C.D. Espanyol
3.500 people

Infantile B
2002-03 Season, 1990-Players
Our B teams are too young and in the competition they have to play against other two or three years older and the matches could be very hard for them, although they are the second team in the League Table.

Planter del Infantil B
2002-03 Season, 1990-Players
The players in the squad are the following:
Alias Full name Position was born Origin
ADRIÁ Fradera ADRIÁ Fradera Raya Porter 15/1/1990
PE Bons Aires
MARC MARC Martínez Aranda Porter 04/04/1990
Barcelona FC
ÓSCAR Martínez Farre ÓSCAR Martínez Farre Defensa 9/3/1990
CE Europa
CRISTIAN CRISTIAN Valle Corrales Defensa 10/02/1990
Sant Boi Llobregat
Mariano Poblet
URI SANS ORIOL SANS Fornés Defensa 3/1/1990
CE Júpiter
MARTA Torrejón MARTA Torrejón Moya Defensa 27/02/1990
Aleví A
Marc DE VAL Marc DE VAL Fernandez Mitj 15/02/1990
CD Blanes
SERGIO Tejera SERGIO Tejera Rodriguez Mitj 28/05/1990
CF Damm
JORDI JORDI Montserrat Pericas Mitj 10/3/1990 Aleví B
QUICO Francesc Parcerisas Girbau Mitj 09/03/1990 Granollers
LUQUE Miguel Angel LUQUE Santiago Mitj 23/07/1990 Aleví-B
LLUIS LLUIS Emilio Blanco Coto Mitj 15/01/1990 EDFOR de Andorra
FASSIH FASSIH Ur Rehnal Mitj 16/03/1990 Gramanet
ETTIEN ETTIEN Allepuz Lemmens Mitj 19/03/1990  
Pedro-VOLNEY Pedro-VOLNEY Cocera Redondo Davanter 5/1/1990 Aleví B
LUCAS Porcar LUCAS Porcar Teixidó Davanter 18/02/1990
Sant Cugat
SADDIK SADDIK Buolauadi Davanter 29/05/1990
Marroc Wadon
Pastoreta Reus
AYRTON AYRTON GÓMEZ Rivero Davanter 31/01/1990
Nàstic de Tarragona
JOSEP LLUÍS Santamaría JOSEP LLUÍS Santamaría Gil Davanter 22/06/1990
Llagostera (Girona)
PE Bons Aires
XAVIER XAVIER Julian Muñoz      
Cocera Redondo
Santamaría Gil
Fotos cedides per Adrià Fradera

The Technical Staff
2002-03 Season
Dates of Infantile B
- Trainer: César Sans Martos
- Second Trainer: Albert Olivera Betran
- Delegate: Santiago Devesa Garriga
- Masseur: Marc Bernabeu Reverter
- Material Supervisor Jesús MARTÍNEZ Pérez
- Stadium:
  - Capacity:
  - Dimensions:
Sports City of R.C.D. Espanyol, "Sadrià"
3.500 people

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